Your Local Farmer’s Market; The Next Best Thing To Home Grown.

We all know the best produce comes from our own backyard. There is nothing like knowing exactly what your are putting in your body by growing your own produce or raising your own meat.To some a green thumb comes naturally but for others it can be hard to establish it right away, but do not let this stop you on the path to clean living. While you are working on your green thumb the next best thing is to shop at your local farmers markets. By supporting your local farmer’s market you are not only getting fresh produce, but also have the opportunity to speak with the farmers one on one. Always remember to ask questions such as if the produce contains any growth hormones or the type of pesticide used.

In addition to fresh produce, you will also find homemade pastas, cheeses, breads, locally grown meat and much more. I highly encourage you to start your own garden at some point, but also support your local farmers market for fresh clean eating.

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