It’s been super busy around here lately. We have a pretty normal life, there’s just a lot of extra things happening right now. Sure, we are all busy and always have something to do it seems. So, what’s the “normal” life for us right now and why is it so busy? Let me give you an idea…

We wake up at 5:45 AM and get the coffee going (I love my coffee in the mornings). Angie gets ready for work and is out the door by 7. I get the kids up and ready for school. I normally try to cook a breakfast and finish up any homework that remains and we get to the van and leave, visit here to look at great vans for the family. Callie (our 8 year old) leaves for school at 7:30. Gillian (our 14 year old) leaves at 8:15 to catch her bus. This is when I normally grab my last cup of coffee and start figuring out what’s on my to do list for the day. Currently, I’m working a contract with a wonderful client, so my days are spent developing a nice web application. We all have our days apart and then we merge back together in the evening. That seems pretty normal, right?

Callie attends the school just outside of our neighborhood, so no buses are available. On nice days (like today), we prefer to ride our bicycles. Pickup for her is at 3 in the afternoon. Gillian gets home from school at about 4:15. I start wrapping up my work day at around 4 or 5 PM… depending on what I have going on (my job doesn’t permit just stopping at a certain time). Angie normally doesn’t get home until after 6 PM. Yes, those are long days for her. Luckily, she only has to work 4 days a week.

Now the busy part of our day can begin…

Going through our clothes and closets. Junk drawers, shed, garage, attic, toys, paperwork and the list goes on. Our kids also need help organizing and going through all of their stuff. We have tons of knick knacks, antiques like the one on sale at and furniture throughout the house.

Click here to know where we buy our stuff. It all has to be sorted and organized. If we aren’t keeping it (and most if it, we aren’t), it has to be photographed and sold. We are also dealing with the sale of our current house and getting the build started on our tiny house. Some of the larger items we plan to keep are being moved to family and friends a little at a time. We are also trying to document and photograph this process. It’s actually easy to get involved with the whole thing and forget to write stuff down or take photographs… but we’re getting better!

Then we have Tiny House America™. This web site and all social media that goes along with it actually takes quite a bit of time to maintain. Any of you that currently run a growing web site already know this. The web site requires maintenance and upgrades and we have to write the articles and blogs. We have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media accounts that we have to keep synchronized with the latest information. Of course, we also have a a lot of friends that we communicate with through social media sites, email, text and phone. We get a lot of questions… and that’s great! We love talking to everyone!

Now it’s time for dinner! I have to admit, we’ve done a lot of eating out lately just because of the time restraints we have. I don’t exactly have an “extra” hour or two to prepare and cook dinner. Not right now. I actually miss cooking and can’t wait to get back on track once we’re in the tiny house. After dinner, it’s time to get the kids chilled out and ready for bed. Now, back to work for us! It’s amazing how much time it really takes to go through everything in your house… at least when you have this much stuff! Our nights typically end around 1 or 2 AM… sometimes later. It makes getting up just before 6 AM a bit tough some days!

Well, that pretty much sums up a day in our life right now. It’s a lot to deal with day after day… and time is definitely ticking down. The house seems like a complete train wreck with things being moved and sold. I guess that’s just how it is for now. It won’t last forever, and we’re not going to let it stress us out. We know that soon enough, this will all be over and our tiny life will begin… and we can’t wait! We are so excited and looking forward to the future. We are also thankful to have everyone following along with us. It’s great being able to share our experiences with you.

Our next blog will provide some details about our tiny house. Be watching for it!

– Bobby