When we think about healthy homes we often focus on key elements like toxins, pollutants, and chemicals that can cause harm to the people we love. It’s also common to focus on cleaning products, natural remedies and eating healthy foods. But one of the important elements of a healthy home, one that’s often ignored or forgotten, is the practice of sustainability. A sustainable home, meaning a home that embraces environmentally-friendly practices, is a healthy home.

Energy Efficient

According to this electricians like this Red Star Electric electrical contractor, the more energy efficient your home is, the more sustainable it is. When you can keep the hot, or cold air inside your home where you want it, you’ll run your heating and cooling system less often. This means reduced dependency on gas, electricity, coal or oil, depending on your system. There are energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and that’s a great place to invest your money; visit aircarecharlotte.com for options. Does Your Furnace Need To Be Repaired? When your home is due for a new furnace installation, consider the energy-efficiency of the unit you’re going to get; for guidance from a professional company visit company website. For furnace tune-up look for services like Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating for Furnace Tune Up. If your furnace needs a repair then get more info on the best bowie furnace repair or visit sites such as https://gohomeheating.com/kimberly-id/furnace-repair/ for guidance.

Here’s a great place to get started. For additional HVAC guidance and options » view page.

However, simple things like regularly having an air conditioning services expert like Energy Pro HVAC check and repair your air conditioning unit can also improve performance and extend the life of your unit. Find a reliable ac services company in your area by searching online, e.g., Premier HVAC Services hvac services in rockwall, or through recommendations from family and friends. You can visit their website for more details or go to sites such as globalcoolingair.com/air-conditioning-service/ac-tune-up/.

Energy-efficient and insulated windows and doors also help keep the temperature the way you want it, and programmable thermostats help you raise and lower the temperature automatically so you’re not heating or cooling the home when you’re not there. You can visit sites like https://aardvark-electric.com/ and consult electricians how they can help you achieve that.

Let’s not forget about energy star appliances and LED light bulbs which can last more than twenty years and use much less electricity than traditional bulbs (navigate here for professional lighting installation); for electrical options for your home try Dr. Watts Electric. Finally, you may talk to your residential electrical contractor like Get The Best Electric to know how to improve the energy efficiency of your home in the most cost-effective way. For additional electrical guidance contact a professional company such as Asbury Electric.

Sustainable Materials

Whenever you’re remodeling or replacing items in your home, tilersplace.com recommends you look to use sustainable materials. For example, rather than replacing your floor with hardwood, consider bamboo, cork, or even cement flooring which is sustainable, durable, and beautiful. Countertops, carpet, and other building and design materials can also be found at recycling centers and second-hand building supply operations. It’s possible to get creative and enjoy quality design without spending tons of money on brand new materials.

Clean Water and Reduced Consumption

Consider creating systems where you reduce the amount of water you use. You might install a timer on your shower faucet and use reduced capacity toilets in your home. These help control how much water goes to waste. You can also place rain barrels in your yard to collect water for your garden. And consider how you throw water down the drain. For example, if you don’t finish a glass of water, do you dump it down the drain or do you use it to water a plant? Do you need help with plumbing repair? Ask experts like these Plumbing services in Seattle to inspect your plumbing fixtures or consult them if you can use a liquid drain cleaner for your drain.

Environmentally-friendly practices support a healthy planet and a healthy home. Choose one priority or area to focus on and start making changes to your lifestyle. The impact on your home and your lifestyle will be a positive one.

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